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Muslim Dating Traditions and Muslim Online Dating – Before we explore the concept of online dating for Muslims, it is important to get an overview of how Muslim dating and marriage typically occur among the Faithful.

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Dating as conventionally done in the modern West, is not practiced by adhering Muslims. In Islam, young people of the opposite sex do not spend large amounts of time together alone, getting to know each other personally or experimenting sexually before coming to the conclusion that they wish to marry their boyfriend or girlfriend. Pre-marital relationships of any kind are verboten in conservative Islam.

The reasoning behind this attitude is that marriage is a far too important aspect of life to be left to the vagaries of geographic convenience and young hormones. Further reasons for this are found in the precepts of Islamic religious teachings.

The Prophet said, “Not one of you should meet a woman alone unless she is accompanied by a relative.” The accepted way of finding a compatible partner is a search involving prayer and serious investigation of potential mates, with the family fully involved.

Fortunately, with the manner in which many Muslim online dating services are organized, it is still possible to use Muslim dating sites, while adhering to traditional dating practices.

Muslim Dating: Finding Potential Marriage Partners – Within the Muslim community it is often the strong bonds of friendship with peers that provide the means with which to create networks of families in which potential marriage partners can be sought. When it is time for marriage, an appeal to Allah is made to aid the quest in finding a suitable mate. With family involvement and chaperoned meetings, potential partners are considered.

Each family will take the time to find out more about their family member’s potential marriage partner and the guidance of Allah will again be sought if the couple is agreeable to the marriage and each family is satisfied that it is a good match. Islam specifically gives free choice to both sexes in the matter of marriage – neither men nor women can be forced into marriage.

This rather deliberate approach to Muslim dating does not appeal to many modern Western notions of romanticism, but the care given to assuring compatibility between both partners for long-term unions does seem to give these marriages a rather fine record of staying together long-term.

Muslim Online Dating: Blending Muslim Dating Traditions And Technology – If networks of family and friends are the traditional method of Muslim dating in the search for husband or wife, then using the Internet to find the like-minded, as millions of people do every day is a logical extension of the network concept.

Muslim dating sites are particularly a blessing to Muslims living in areas where they are isolated and without an extensive Islamic community with which to network. The ads and mindset on Muslim dating sites are often startlingly different from the individualistically romantic and often below-the-belt appeals found on secular dating sites.

It is important to realize that first and foremost, Muslim dating sites are not “hookup” sites. Faithful adherents will still often carry out their courtship in a manner that fits with tradition, with Muslim online dating sites simply allowing the net to be cast far wider in the search for a mate. Any Muslim dating sites chosen for the search should first be thoroughly checked to ensure that they are a good fit for your personal level of adherence to Islamic principles in all regards.

A Muslim dating site where anything goes as long as the members self-identify as Muslim may not be the right choice for many of the Faithful.

It is important to realize that while one might expect a higher standard for those who adhere to a faith of deep morality, Muslim online dating still allows people to present themselves in the best possible light, perhaps even falsely in some cases. However, those who continue to follow time-honored practices even when using Muslim online dating in searching for a mate, as well as those who have a more modernized approach to dating, will find that online dating can be quite successful.

In some instances of Muslim online dating, a Wali, or guardian will be the contact person for potential mates, rather than contacting them directly. It is the duty of the Wali to thoroughly screen all suitors met in the Muslim online dating world through personal interviews with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and clerics who know the person in question well. With this type of Muslim online dating, the rest of the courtship will proceed in the traditionally accepted manner, with prayers for guidance, family involvement, and carefully chaperoned meetings.

Understanding Muslim Online Dating Services – There is a variety of Muslim dating sites available, each with its own appeal. Some sites, such as, are specifically designed to provide an online tool for matching potential marriage partners in line with Muslim traditions. Whereas other sites, such as cater to men who want to meet and chat with Muslim women in a less traditional atmosphere. is perhaps a more appropriate choice for young Muslim singles in search of an online social networking site for those who identify as Muslim, but do not necessarily adhere to traditional Muslim dating guidelines, while there are also sites, like, that offer online dating for Arabs of both Muslim of Christian faiths.

The array of Muslim dating sites available allows members of the Muslim community to find an online platform for meeting Muslim singles for friendship, dating or marriage that is a good fit for their personal faith practices and level of adherence to the traditional beliefs of Islam. This provides a variety of options to meet the individual needs of Muslim men and women in search of dating partners or a potential spouse.