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10 Muslim Dating Rules

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

muslim coupleDo you have plans to date a Muslim or are you currently dating one? Dating sure is one complicated thing, and it doesn’t matter if you are of the same religious affiliation or not. To save yourself from the troubles of committing a mistake, there are some important Muslim dating rules that you have to keep in mind.

Dating is Only for Spouses

Probably the most traditional rule in Muslim dating is the fact that this is not meant for new experiences or fun for adolescents. Dating is only considered as acceptable is when a person is ready to look for a spouse.

Chaperons are a Must

It is an extremely common practice for young men and women of Muslim religion to meet one another in a setting where there are adult chaperons.

A Need for Parents’ Approval

One of the most crucial dating rules among Muslims is to remember that both families need to meet each other first. You have to be ready to discuss a lot of things, from children to religion to income before parents finally decide if the pair is suitable for marriage.

Gear Up for Early Engagement

As Muslim dating rule strictly make it a point that dating must not happen before marriage, it is only common for men and women to be engaged right away if they feel interested with each other. They still need to spend some time during the period of engagement and marriage for them to get to know one another.

Avoid Physical Temptations

Regardless if you’re following modern or traditional Muslim dating rules, it’s never considered acceptable for somebody who follows this religion to have sex before marriage. To see to it that this dating rule of Muslim is easy, try avoiding touching and kissing to prevent the desire to make love.

Remember That Family Should Always Accompany You During Your First Date

Even those families who don’t choose to continue supervision of their daughter and son during the process of dating often will come the first time that the couple first met. In fact, this even applies to online dating today.

Know the Best Way to Meet Somebody

In the traditional Muslim dating, families are the ones to arrange for their children to meet possible suitors. Today, Muslim dating sites can be a great option as they let you to talk to each other before ever meeting.

Choose the Right Age to Start Dating

Because of rules in Muslim dating that prevent dating just for fun, this is frequently not during high school.

Determine How Your Family Feels Regarding Dating Outside of Your Religion

Some Muslim families accept dating outside the religion even if dating someone with the same religion is one of the known Muslim dating rules. Other families could see this as the reason to shun their daughter or son.

Know the Muslim Dating Rules in Your Family

There are numerous rules that require to be followed in the traditional Muslim dating.

Those are just some of the Muslim dating rules you should know. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that Muslim dating has changed several years, so this can be very complex.