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Can a Muslim Marry a Christian in the Traditional Rules?

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

marry a muslim girlMuslim dating comes with its own set of rules and traditions but probably one of the biggest concerns is can a Muslim marry a Christian.

To answer this, Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian women but Christian men are not permitted to marry Muslim women.

For the longest time, there have always been some debates that circulate within these two religions, with one being better than the other and vice versa. This is why you can only imagine how difficult it would be for two persons coming from these two religions to date, fall in love and eventually get married.

If truth be told, most of the criticisms are not being leveled against Muslims but against the religious system, or Islam, as well as against the early violent history that it has when Mohammad himself was starting to establish the original community then against the later violence in its history.

The real truth about can a Muslim marry a Christian needs to come out.

Well, this article doesn’t really have anything to say about races in general. Both Islam and Christianity allow the marriage of these two different races. For instance, a black Christian can marry a white Christian. There is nothing wrong there. As far as Christianity is concerned, the sole requirement is that each one needs to be a follower and believer of Christ and receives the Holy Spirit.

What you need to know instead is all about the theology and values. More importantly, it is all about the relationship with Jesus Christ or the absence of such relationship, unfortunately.

The difference between Christianity and Islam regarding religiously mixed marriages is very simple.

In Islam, Muslim men are being allowed to marry women of Christian faith, period. However, it doesn’t allow a Christian man to marry a woman of Muslim faith. It means that the non-discrimination, tolerance and openness of Islam have their own set of limitations. Men are the ones in full control. It could be true that an individual Muslim man cannot be in control of things and they may also become saintly. But, if they are following their Quran, they then have the permission to exert most of the patriarchal authority. The children that came from the marriage are going to be raised by the Muslims if the Muslim man, or head of household, adheres to his Islam religion. This means that the family might not be that harmonious.

On the other hand, Christianity states that married Christian couples must be uniformly yoked together spiritually, in Christ. It means that the couple doesn’t have to worry about any deep theological differences. They are going to start off in unity. Men don’t have to worry regarding their being an infidel. Men don’t have to exert any patriarchal control as they only need to retain a semblance of unity. The kids are being raised as Christians who will be little followers of Christ. Therefore, the family will be more harmonious.

At the end of the day, Muslims can marry Christians but expect some limitations, so the question can a Muslim marry a Christian will never confuse you any more.