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Some Important Facts about Muslims You May not Know in America

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

What do you know the facts about Muslims in America?

muslim in americaWhile there are many hate filled web pages our there, they miss the mark on the impact that Muslims have on the American culture. Forget the fact that the numbering system that we used was originally developed by Muslims. We are looking at facts about Muslims in America today.

1. Close to two percent of our population consists of Muslims.

When you look at the population surveys for America, you will find that around seven million American citizens identify as Muslims. this is a significant number. It is important to remember that you can find Muslims living in all fifty states of the country as well as most places that you may visit. They are an important part of your culture and economy.

2. Islam is a religion of peace.

Many people may suggest that Islam preaches violence, but the true Islam facts will show you that Islam preaches peace. It is just easier to point a finger at something that you don't understand and make up stories for some people. The truth is that true Islam is a religion of peace.

3. American culture has been greatly impacted by black Muslims.

Mohamed Ali, and Malcom X are just a couple of well known Muslim Americans that have helped this country to move towards a better tomorrow. Both of these men used their influence in order to promote justice for other black Americans. They did this because of the teachings of the Quran.

4. American Muslim woman do not suffer from oppression.

One important Muslim culture fact is that just because a woman is a Muslim, that does not mean that she is being oppressed. Instead, Muslim women in America enjoy just as much freedom as other women and while they may choose to wear a hijab or other form of head covering, they do that by their own free will. It is an opportunity for them to embrace their culture and religion. It is also their right as women and Muslims in America.

Keep learning about Muslim Americans.

Sure there are some important pieces of information about Muslim Americans, there is so much more to learn. See if you can meet some Muslim Americans and learn more about their beliefs and culture. You may be surprised how much you have in common with them that you never knew.