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How to Date a Muslim Girl If You Are a Non-Muslim Boy?

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

Are you curious to know how to date a Muslim girl?

date a Muslim girlIf you have met a pretty Muslim girl that you are interested to invite out for a date, you better try out the following tricks to make a successful first move and really get to date her.

A Background Check Won’t Hurt

Islam is merely a religion. There are many who assume that being a Muslim is the most difficult thing to do on earth and a Christian being married to a Muslim is much worse. It is primarily because they ascribe to certain rules and beliefs. What you should understand when dating a Muslim girl is that there are various Muslims in different countries. All of them are particular when it comes to things they believe in. So before taking her out, you have to be sensitive and avoid saying offensive things.


How many times do you go out on dates in one day? Are you the type who wants to go out on lunch dates, coffee dates and dinner dates? If you prefer to have these dates during crazy times of the day, you better start making some changes. In general, Muslims pray five times every day. So, you have to ensure that you will set a date at the most convenient time for her when she doesn’t have to pray. Never make her choose between the date and her prayers. Learning how to date a Muslim girl is easy so long as you stick with the stipulated time.

Be Open-Minded

This is for everyone who will be dating a Muslim girl for the very first time. Again, majority of Muslims are particular when it comes to their beliefs and customs. Every country, state or religion has their own sets of culture and customs.

Various cultures come with different customs and beliefs. Just because she doesn’t believe in what you do doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just go ahead and take her religion for granted. You have to be respectful and you will be surprised how amazing your relationship is going to become. So, when learning how to date a Muslim girl, your differences are what will bring you closer.


If this is not something you are familiar with, you were probably living in a cave your whole life. Muslims don’t eat pork. This means that if you will ask her out for dinner, before ordering any meal with pork in it, don’t forget to ask her if it is fine for her. Again, you have to treat a woman like a queen and give her the chance to choose whatever she wants to eat.

Avoid Intimate Touches, Unless You’re Allowed

As discussed earlier, different Muslim girls will have different beliefs in things. it means that while others are strict about their religion, some might not and might not even follow the traditional rules and advice in dating. This means that you have to be sure of the type of girl your date is. Once you do, you know when you can lean in for a kiss or hug and when not to. This way, you can save your face from getting slapped.