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Review of Islamicmarriage

Many popular online dating sites have a page for Muslims. But many are concerned that these sites don’t hold to the strict cores and values of dating when you’re a Muslim. That’s why niche websites such as IslamicMarriage.com are so popular with Muslim singles. This site is designed to help Muslim singles find a suitable marriage partner, making it one of the best Muslim Dating websites on the web today.

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Landing Page

When first visiting the website you’ll see its easy-to-ease interface. You begin by filling out a short online form. It will ask about your gender and your country. You’ll need to enter your birthday and then create a username. This is usually for the site and not your full real name. You’ll get to choose a password for logging into the site, and have to enter an email address to receive website updates. After that, all you have to do is click the Join Now blue button.

What You Can Do

  • All of your messages can be read
  • Initiate Chat conversations
  • Read all messages received
  • Detailed Search options
  • See who read your messages
  • Send Winks


  • 6 Month Platinum, $22.00 per month, Billed in one payment of $131.99, Save 33%
  • 3 Month Platinum, $24.66 per month, Billed in one payment of $73.99, Save 25%
  • 1 Month Platinum, $32.99

Details and Basic Features

Right now the site offers only a few different language choices, but in the future there may be more options. It’s free to get started. IslamicMarriage is one of the most popular Muslim dating sites on the web today.

To sort the free features from the paid, you’ll be able to do a wide variety of tasks for free. It’s free to register, and to post a profile, with text description and photograph. You can also browse other member’s profiles. You can add about twenty photographs to your own profile. This is especially beneficial, as other singles can see you in a variety of different day-to-day situations. It’s always nice to see a selection of photographs from casual to formal events.

You can also receive messages and chat invitations for free. If you decide at this point that there are many singles on here that you’d like to begin to connect with, you can sign up for the paid version and fully interact with other members. You can choose a monthly membership, which is inexpensive compared to the possible singles you’ll meet on the site.

Safety is important on the IslamicMarriage site. There is a five star safety program that they adhere to. They want to keep this site the safest and most enjoyable Muslim dating site on the web today. The goal is for you to find a suitable husband or wife, rather than focus on bar dating such as is encouraged on other unsuitable sites. The site aims to provide a warm and suitable environment for meeting people.

The main goal of IslamicMarriage is to find another Muslim who you can spend the rest of your days together. It’s important to adhere to specific rules in order to comply with the Islamic way of life.

No matter where you are in the world, you can sign up for IslamicMarriage.com and soon be on your way to connecting with other suitable singles. Soon you’ll be on your way to preparing for your exciting marriage ceremony.


Overall Rating