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Modern Muslim Names for Baby Girls And Boys With Meanings

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

Muslim baby namesLike majority of parents across the globe, Muslim parents carefully choose the name they give to their little angle. Usually, Muslim parents like a name that has a positive meaning and more often than not, one that confirms their faith.

For baby boys, Mohammed is the most popular name among Muslim parents across the globe. Whether it is in Arab countries or other Muslim countries, baby boys are frequently named after the Prophet to inspire the young boys and follow his path.

For baby girls, Muslim parents also look to the Prophet and consider inspirations of women in his life including Ayesha, one of the wives of the Prophet, and Fatima, the Prophet’s favorite daughter’s name.

Some Muslim names are inspired by the Quran. Other Muslim parents believe that the child’s name can influence and so they look for names with meanings to give inspiration or reflect good qualities.

Popular Muslim Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Popular Muslim Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Maya is also another popular Muslim name for baby girls. It means princess. If you expect your little girl to be one of the most divine and beautiful in the world, this name is a good choice. Other names for baby girls are Leyla or Leila, which means night, and Naimah, which means calm and peace.

Choosing the best Muslim name for your baby boy and baby girl can be a tough decision because every name sounds melodic and has good meanings. When you’re considering the name to give to your daughter, concentrate not only on what the name means to you in your life, yet on what it would mean to your little angle throughout all the stages of her or his lifetime. A name is something that your baby boy or girl will carry for eternity. Therefore, see to it that he or she will love it.

The best Muslim baby name conveys the most wonderful things. There are other Muslim baby names you can choose from. Depending on your choice, you can pick anything you want as long as it has a beautiful meaning.