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Review of MuslimandSingle

A popular part of the UK Muslim dating scene, Muslim and Single is one of the leading online dating sites. It’s simple and easy to use, provides an interesting range of features and is quite a friendly place to be.

Whilst other dating sites can feel rather restrictive at times, M&S manages to stay quite liberal for most of the time. It’s regular boost in popularity comes from a fast quality of service, excellent detail in the quality of service and an easy to work with membership system that works.

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If you have been looking for a good Muslim dating website to try out, then this might just be the perfect place to get started.


The costs are obviously a significant challenge on most sites. However, at just £4/month for a 1-year deal this is great value for money. The costs increase for the shorter lengths of time – for example, a 3-month plan can be a bit too much for some people financially. It’s easy to use, though, and means just making one simple payment.

Others try to push rather regressive payment systems and idea – but not this. The quality of the cost that you pay for this is very fair. With plenty of features, this offers a fine level of value for money definitely.


  • A very fair pricing scheme – no tiered options, just a single membership system that works very well and offers just about everything that you would need.
  • Very easy to find quality people to talk to. This site has lots of members and is growing all the time. Unlike some sites, your chances of finding a date here are pretty good – the majority of profiles are active regularly.
  • Describe yourself if you are not comfortable with a photo. Allows those without a good picture to use to make a profile and at least offer some semblance of what they look like to readers.
  • A very interesting and easy experience that allows for simple management of profiles.
  • Plenty of tips and ideas for making your profile stand out.

Pros and Cons


  • Very fair pricing plan – affordable for the majority and lacks tiers which makes it easier to have the same features as other users.
  • One of the best options on the web for variety. Has arguably the largest amount of people on the site.
  • Plenty of different personalities on here – from strict to liberal Muslims, there is someone here for everyone!
  • A very easy to use system with detailed profiles which can be filled in very quickly, without any hassles.


  • UK-based only. This means that anyone outside of the UK would find it majorly expensive to use and to utilize as a means of finding a date.


Overall, Muslim and Single is one of the best Muslim dating websites on the web. This allows you to meet someone with minimal fuss and challenge. It also lets you appreciate the ease of which you can meet someone in the country who is very much like you due to excellent profile management and searching.


Overall Rating