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Review of MuslimFriends

When looking at various Muslim dating websites it helps to know where to start and what to understand. With so much to consider in the world of dating, though, it can become increasingly difficult to stay on top of this way of thinking. MuslimFriends, then, is a website that allows you to easily locate potential Muslim dates that is easy to use.

Whether it’s looking for friendship or romance, it’s a brilliant place for all Muslims to be a part of. The website offers some of the best solutions on the web for easy, manageable dating. But how good is it?

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Does it offer all the tools that you need to find your perfect companion? Or has it becomes a burden that can slow you down and make life difficult?

Let’s take a look at what Muslim Friends can offer.


First off, the pricing structure. This is a website that requires access to the Gold membership program if you wish to have full access. For a 1-month fee, you would pay $29.95. For a 3-month fee, you would pay $19.98. For the cheapest and longest option, 6-months, you would be paying just $15.99.

So it depends on how long you think you will be looking to use this site for. It’s recommended to take the 3-month option as it provides the fairest value and also allows for you to get the most out of the site for a fair period.


  • Easy profile creation with favorite lists and full view profiles with all the information that you would have hoped to be able to provide.
  • Save searches for future viewing, browse profiles and boost your search ranking for easier matchmaking.
  • Send e-mails to other members, read mails, send ice-breaker messages and use the instant messenger service for easy combination together.
  • Receive help with suggested matches and matchmaking tools for easier location of your perfect companion.
  • Multiple payment options for simple and easy navigation. From postal check to PayPal and Debit/Credit Card, all the traditional options are open here.
  • Pros and Cons


    • Extremely user-friendly layout and design makes it easy to make, locate and contact profiles.
    • In-depth profile creation tool can be just what you need when you want to see consistent progress with online dating.
    • Plenty of features such as blogs and forums for easy chatting and discussion with others.
    • Suggested matches and profile customization allows you to have your own featured look that sets you apart from others.
    • Great quality of people on the site makes it very easy to settle down.


    • Not everyone here is looking for love – you should be clear on your intentions or risk suffering embarrassment!


    With such a fine mix of people and a clear selection of features, few options on the web can beat MuslimFriends. It’s got detail, style and care put into just about element of the process. This allows for a friendly dating site that makes it easy to find friend and fiancée. Whatever your heart desires, this is the perfect place to move into for simple dating and finding new friends.


Overall Rating