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Review of Muslims4Marriage

Are you looking to find access to a good website for finding Muslims interested in marriage?

Then the aptly named Muslims4Marriage might be just what you are looking for. This kind of service is perfect for making sure that you can appreciate and engage with Muslims who are interested in you. With a deep array of features and a fairly interested profile system, working through Muslims4Marriage can be great fun.

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With that in mind, though, Muslims4Marriage is a good place to start – but is it the right place for you specifically here?


Although you can get a huge number of the main features of the site without having to do anything in particular, you can upgrade to Platinum Membership. The cost of this membership, though, is US $49.99/month, US $199.99/12 months, US $149.99/6 months and US $99.99/3 months. The price of this membership is pretty fair given that it allows you to read received messages and to actually start using the website in full.

However, you do have to be a subscribed member to read messages. This means that for people to read your messages they also need to be a Platinum member (Gold for females). This is a little constricting and not particularly fair, but it’s the way this site is set up. Without a doubt, though, it’s one of the weakest features of an otherwise very good site.


  • Become a member of a site with more than 1m members so far.
  • Be part of a worldwide community. You’ll meet people from Australia to Qatar. Just about everywhere with a Muslim populace is covered.
  • Meet people regardless of if they are Zawaj, Naseeb or Qiran.
  • Join for free and make use of profile creation, contacting members, uploading photos and searching for contacts all without paying a penny. Only pay to read messages.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely easy to use. Profiles take next to no time to fill in and thus you only need to worry about putting in the right information rather than what to put in!
  • Very simple in terms of searching and finding people to talk to on the system. Simple searching makes it easy to find an amazing single who ticks every box for you.
  • Meet thousands of people on the go with help from the excellent mobile app that can be used on all major mobile platforms with ease.
  • Unlimited searches which makes a nice change for the usual limitations on dating websites.


  • A little unconventional at times – you cannot read messages without paying for the membership program provided on site.
  • Very easy to fall foul of the strict rules of the site. Make sure you clear just about anything with support – they do not hesitate and are very strict here.


Overall, using Muslims4Marriage is very easy. It’s a little ungainly and the need to pay to read messages isn’t great, but it’s a very impressive website. It holds most of the features that you would expect and, for those serious in finding marriage, is an excellent place to start.


Overall Rating