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What a Modern Muslim Woman Will Do About Dating

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

modern muslim womanA Muslim woman is being reared in an entirely different way of life compared to those who belong to different religious beliefs. They have been drilled with the mantra at a very young age that they are a Muslim and they will not date.

This doesn’t mean that they are not allowed to get married when the right time comes but Muslim parents want their children to follow a more conservative route when it comes to marriage and this is none other than arranged marriage.

The concept of arranged marriage is no longer a new one nor is this exclusive only to the Muslims. In fact, Indians all over the world are already familiar with these arranged marriages while the royalties in Europe had arranged the inter-nobility marriages until the earlier part of 20th century. Of course, you can’t forget about the Jewish matchmaker.

However, in this 21st century, how does this semi-arranged or arranged marriage looks like for a Muslim woman?

For starters, the brand new term being used today is assisted marriages. For most Muslims, the formal route on the path for proposals is the rishta aunties or the matchmakers, the online matrimonial websites and the matrimonial events such as networking events and speed dating where the main purpose is to find a life mate and not a date.

You are probably thinking that this sounds pretty much like dating and yes, it does. The only difference, however, is that while many of the non-Muslims are only after meeting a special someone with this meeting having the possibility that it will lead to marriage or it will not, the primary goal of arranged meetings for the conservative Muslims is none other than marriage itself.

Many of the Muslim parents these days are already progressive. But, just like the rest of those that follow the more conservative route, they are still very much particular when it comes to the practice of the religion. In Islam, it promotes a very respectful open and a deeply intimate relationship between a man and a woman yet this should only happen within the folds of marriage.

The Muslim woman looks at marriage as a kind of virtuous relationship. When outside the marital relationships, they are being asked to be protective and modest of themselves, both physically and emotionally and this means that they must put a limit on their interactions with men.

The reason is because they believe that Allay has given them their bodies, their souls, their provision and their mental capacities as an amana or trust. They are being asked to protect, develop and protect them during the course of their lives and the only way for a Muslim woman and a Muslim man to have a free access to one another is by way of commitment that only happens in marriage.

For Muslim women dating and marriage, they are serious things that they strongly uphold to no matter where life might take here.