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What It's Like to Date As a Young American Muslim

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

young muslim womanYoung Muslim Americans are not exactly dominant when it comes to mainstream dating conversation and that is because dating while Muslim is often misunderstood and unique reality. Young Muslims struggle in today’s society. More than six in ten don’t see a conflict between being devout Muslim and living in the modern society, yet majority of Muslims in America say that religion plays a vital role in their lives and with this kind of religion comes tradition that does not necessarily mesh with the modern dating culture.

Muslim Dating and Tradition Are Complicated

Not every young Muslim American has serious bringing religious upbringings. However, for people who do, the experience between genders is frequently stunted and strained by well-meaning, yet traditional communities and parents. The messages that young Muslims get might go so far to warn that online dating and email exchange topple one off one’s Islamic path if he or she lacks vigilance. For American Muslims, they believe that they must marry, yet they must not date to get there.

Old Stigmas Die Hard

While dating online among American Muslims is becoming popular, there are particular stigmas rooted in the tradition that persist. A lot of people go online dating as their last resort, yet an engaged couple who met on a certain Muslim dating site. Several Muslims think that online dating is a desperate route. But, for others, it’s actually an ideal way to meet someone, especially those who want to enjoy a unique dating experience. Besides, it can be awkward to meet someone in person with a purpose of getting married. But, meeting somebody online can be less awkward as you can enjoy exchanging messages first before jumping to the next level of your relationship.

For this reason, Muslim dating websites are perfect for young American Muslims who want to marry in the near future. It is also much simpler to state your intentions outright, easier to filter through the options, and quicker to connect with others.

Never Expect a Muslim Tinder

The landscape of online dating for Muslim American is a murky one. There’s an alternative for Tinder for Muslim and it’s called as Bliss, which launched this spring and promises wholesome relationship within the religion’s confines, yet the app does not seem to gain traction.

Muslima is another Muslim dating site that is known for being less reputable and is not preferred by Young American Muslims. The creators are in the middle of designing an app with the hope of pulling each aspect of American Muslims’ love lives together. But, unfortunately, not all Muslims like the thought of having a dating app like Tinder. That is the reason why others should expect a Muslim Tinder app being designed at present.

However, regardless of one’s perceptions in terms of online dating or Muslim dating sites, there are still others who use such apps to find the one they want to marry. Even if it’s not as traditional as it seems, for some Muslims, these apps work.