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Would You Marry a Muslim Man?

| Post by MuslimDatingSites.org

You have finally met the man you want to spend the rest of your life with and the good news is that he is really into you completely. He’s got the looks and he practically sweeps you off your feet. But he is Muslim. Would it be okay for you to marry a Muslim man when the right time comes?

A Matter of Love

Just like in any kind of relationship, Muslim dating is something that should also be filled with love. However, you have to know that most Muslim men are actually on a wife hunt. This sounds a bit unromantic yet this is the truth. For them, marriage is half of their religion and they are very eager to get married and start their own family.

While this might be refreshing from what you are used to, you need to be extra cautious here. You have to know that being in love cannot be considered as prerequisite to Islam marriage. But this doesn’t mean that your man doesn’t love or care about you but this isn’t necessary. For most Muslim couples, love is a feeling that develops and grows in time. It is common to find a Muslim man who chooses a spouse who meets specific criteria. It could be because of these criteria or if you are lucky, he could be in love.

A Matter of Religion

One more thing to consider when you engage in Muslim dating is to know how you feel about the religion. Never make the mistake of thinking that this is only a minor detail since the religion is never minor. This plays a big part in all aspects of life and you need to understand this when you date a Muslim man.

Most non-Muslim ladies are surprised after the wedding. Although he might not be religious, you still have to learn more about Islam. When you get married with a Muslim man, the religion is going to play a huge role in your life even if you have no plans to convert. One more thing that you have to know is that most men become more religious after the marriage. In fact, even those who don’t practice Muslim go back to faith with zeal following the marriage. Include a child to the equation and many men completely return to their roots.

A Matter of Children

As far as children are concerned, you have to know that your kids in the future will also be raised under the Muslim faith and it is something non-negotiable. Children in Islam follow the religion of their father. Whether you convert to Muslim or not, it is expected that you will raise your kids in Islamic faith. You have to think about it carefully. Never let your feelings cloud your judgment since this is one serious matter.

These are the most important factors that you have to consider when dating a Muslim man. Keep them in mind to guarantee a happy Muslim dating experience.